The Best Tools to Keep Track of your Brand Mentions

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Online marketers invest a great deal of their time, resources and effort in building a solid online brand presence. It could take more than a number of attempts reaching out to influencers and another hundred in maintaining a solid group of brand ambassadors.

But what if the next time you check, your brand has been heavily talked about in blogs, forums, and social media platforms and not in a very positive way? This leads us to the significance of safeguarding your brand against damaging comments.

The collapse of your well-invested brand name may be triggered by one faint negative mention that simply got out of hand.

Negligence can damage all the hard work you have invested in building up your brand. Luckily there are social media monitoring tools that can serve as your eyes and ears throughout the web.


Hootsuite is a social listening tool that is more focused on brand mentions done on social media sites including the most popular ones like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Linkedin and Instagram It allows you to track and reply to any comments made on your social media accounts using various profiles..

Conversation Maps, another Hootsuite feature, reports on most commonly used words and phrases when referring to your brand. This will give you a good idea of how consumers feel about your brand.

Hootsuite has various subscriber plans but you can avail of a free 30-day trial if you are undecided about the product.


Oscilloskope allows setting of new alert options to get instant notifications and automated reports. Oscilloskope also offers sentiment analysis, a means of interpreting your customer actions as well as access to potential brand influencers who can help you in making noise for your brand.

Apart from monitoring your own, you can also use Oscilloskope to track mentions intended for your competitors.


Brandwatch Analytics claims to be a world-leading social listening tool that promises to help you “get closer to your customers”. It has the ability to track mentions on multiple online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, blogs, news, reviews, and forums either through text, image or video posts.

The beauty of Brandwatch Analytics comes in its simplified charts and graphs allowing for easier understanding of usable data such as ROI measurement and market research. It also provides influencer and outreach identification.

It also includes competitor benchmarking which allows a good peek at how your rivals are doing their business.

They have two subscription plans available, the Pro which is dedicated for small to medium brands with up to 10,000 mentions monthly allocation and the Enterprise M for large brands at 1 million mentions per month plus a dedicated account manager.


BuzzSumo includes brand monitoring services along with other related tools focused on content curation, research and planning, competitor research, and influencer marketing.

Aside from being able to track mentions, their brand monitoring tool features alerts for keyword mentions, new competitor domains published, content published by a specific author and new backlinks to your site or a competitor’s. These alerts can be set to filter by just the titles or full text of articles. You can also set the alerts to be sent by e-mail or an RSS feed, as a weekly digest or through real-time alerts.

BuzzSumo has various plans which are discounted when paid on a yearly basis as opposed to monthly installments.

Mention boasts of utilizing a streaming API which enables real time reporting of both keyword and brand mention. Aside from the typical social media platforms and websites monitored by other listening tools, Mention gets ahead by adding review sites such as Yelp and FourSquare, mobile app stores like GooglePlay and iTunes, travel sites, and many more.

As if that is not enough, Mention dared to include monitoring offline mentions such as those from television and radio sources. This particular feature is currently only available in the United States.

Spread Visualisation is another feature that lets you see how your posts are shared online. This means even without your designated keywords, you can track how people are sharing your content.

The improved filtering in influencers lists focuses on negative comments. It lets you keep track of your brand’s biggest detractors and however way you would want to deal with them is up to you.

Subscription plans can be customized depending on the size of your team. They also offer 30% discount for NGOs.

Being notified and knowledgeable about how people talk about your brands will aid you in communicating better with your audience and addressing the weaknesses of your brand.