Hello there, I’m Ray Vellest, the mind behind Brandable.

What started as a branding agency is now evolving into a platform focused on sharing insights for branding education. This transformation is not just a change in direction, but a response to the shifting tides of the branding landscape.

With the rise of artificial intelligence, the world of branding is becoming democratized. The power to create compelling brands isn’t just in the hands of industry experts, but it’s slowly moving into the hands of anyone armed with the right knowledge.

In the spirit of this transformation, I’m currently reviewing this website content to ensure it’s not only relevant and accurate but also insightful and actionable. I’m a firm believer in continuous learning, and I’m committed to keeping our content fresh and helpful.

A strong brand is more than a logo or tagline. It’s a promise of value, a unique identity that sets you apart. I’m here to guide you on your learning journey, so you have the tools to unlock the potential of your own unique brand.

Let’s navigate the exciting world of branding together.