How to Expand Your Network on LinkedIn

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As a social media platform designed to connect professionals across the world, LinkedIn offers many benefits. To stand out as a well-connected professional on this site, it is essential that one connects with over 500 people. However, this may seem to be a difficult task if your current network is low in number. By following a series of steps over a few months, you will be able to increase your connections, demonstrating the strength of your network and experience.

Personal and Professional Emails

Allow LinkedIn to sync all your emails so you can see who in your network is already on this social media platform. If they are not, you can send them an invitation to join you. Connecting with coworkers from either your current or former employer is a great way to keep in touch with people in your field who you may not be in the habit of calling or seeing outside of a professional setting. With LinkedIn, you can learn more about their role, experience, education, volunteering activities and other miscellaneous details. 

Social Event Connections

With galas, summits, meetings and other networking events on your calendar, it may prove difficult to manage all your new relationships. Since cultivating new bonds is essential to building a successful career, you do not want to drop the ball in this area. Instead of sending an email to new contacts, send them LinkedIn invitation to connect, followed by a direct message to remind them of where you met. 

Strangers in the Field

Depending on your work schedule, you may not be available to connect with as many like-minded professionals as you may like. Additionally, access to social events may be limited depending on your location. Instead of worrying about your network, be proactive and connect with strangers in your field on LinkedIn. You can look up members by their profession, education or employment in the search box. Send them an invitation under the “friend” option. As you grow your network, you will see that your industry may have tight-knit circle online. As your number of contacts grows, the more you will see an increase in those who accept your invitation to connect. You will also start receiving more invitations from other professionals who are interested in connecting professionally on this platform.

Personalized Direct Messages and Other Communication Methods

Connecting is not enough to maintain a relationship via social media. To grow your relationship with people who know, just met or find interesting on LinkedIn, be sure to send them a direct message. Your message should introduce yourself and any services that you may provide. You will should be take advantage of the several communication options, including liking posts, offering congratulations on milestones, providing endorsements for skills, writing recommendations, etc. 

Weekly Articles

Posting original articles on a weekly basis on your account will allow you to attract attention from your current connections. If they enjoy your article, they may share it on other social media platforms, such as Twitter, and this may attract even more people to connect with you. 

Profile Link

By placing your LinkedIn profile link on other platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram, a personal blog, etc., more people will be able to find you. In addition, if you would like your colleagues at work to connect with you, remember to place your profile link at the bottom of your signature in your professional email. 

Following these simple rules of connecting on LinkedIn will enable you to gain connections from industry professionals not only in your city but internationally. Once your network starts growing exponentially, the possibilities for your professional development and success will be endless.