10 Tools to Help You Find Any Email Address

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Sending emails is a fast and convenient way of communicating nowadays. It can be used make a sale, introduce a brand, share content, ask for a favor or simply to establish a connection. Hunting for emails however is not as fun especially when you have to crawl through search engines armed with just a person’s name and maybe their company.

We made a comprehensive list of tools that are designed to make your life easier when you need to find any email address.


Hunter is perfect if you want a cost-effective means of finding emails as it allows 100 free searches per month as long as you sign up. You can find any email address using the first name, last name, and company website. The company name can also be used if you do not have the company domain name.

Email Verifier, one of its best features, allows checking for deliverability on one or even a list of email addresses. This is useful when making sure that you are not wasting time creating a message only to have it bounce back as the email you sent it to is no longer working.

Aside from the web based application, you can also install Hunter as a Chrome extension.


WhoIs LookUp is a free service from WhoIs, a domain and web hosting provider. Finding emails is not its primary service but it allows you to get that information by doing background check on a domain. You can also get details such as your lead’s location and phone number from the results.


Clearbit is a Google Chrome plugin which shows a person’s email address plus their job title, location and social profiles. If you have no specific contact person, you can also do your search by company name and type in a job title to select the best lead for whatever purpose you have for contacting

This email finder can be integrated into your Gmail or Outlook account which eliminates the need to open a separate application or website to access the information. You can simply click on a person’s name if you wish to send them an email.


Datanyze Insider allows users to highlight someone’s name on a website; the application then looks up potential emails and identifies the best possible match. You can either create a prospect list using the Insider list builder window or export contacts to a spreadsheet, CRM or any preferred sales automation tool.

One credit is required to either search for an email address, get into a website’s social page or export a lead into your own list. You get 100 credits free upon signing up. To gain more credits, you can upgrade your account or refer your friends.

Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator previously known as Rapportive, was first introduced as a Gmail plugin that displays a contact’s email along with updates from their social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter.

After being acquired by LinkedIn, some of the application’s functions were modified to make it work seamlessly with LinkedIn instead. The link to the social media profiles remained but the status feed was removed and replaced with features such us unlocking profiles for people who are not in your network and displaying shared connections which can be handy if you need help in getting introduced to a prospect.

They offer three types of subscription plans. You can take advantage of a 30-day free trial for the Professional plan or request a free demo for the Team and Enterprise plans.


ContactOut promise is to “double your response in half the time” as it crawls for personal emails and phone numbers. This email finder allows saving a lead’s profile with one click either to Google spreadsheets or CSV. ContactOut allows 100 credits per month for free accounts while prices for paid subscriptions are available on enquiry.

Voila Norbert

Voila Norbert specializes in finding corporate emails using first and last name plus the company and domain name. You can export the contact information, create lists or send a message from within the app. First 50 searches are free but afterwards it charges either per month or per credit allocation.


Discoverly integrates well with Gmail and uses a sidebar to display your profile and updates from social media accounts such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, AngelList, etc. The peek into the prospect’s accounts aims to get a closer look at their persona and engage them with a better approach.

Another popular feature of Discoverly is identifying the connections in between contacts and leads. As opposed to making cold calls, having a common connection increases the chances of getting a better response since you are no longer taken as a total stranger.

Discoverly is a downloadable Chrome plugin and is free of any charge.

Ninja Outreach

Ninja Outreach is an influencer marketing tool that proves to be a great platform for business lead generation. Like other tools, you can search for emails using first name, last name and the domain name. You can also acquire all contact information by bulk importing a list websites. If you intend to contact your leads for sales, Ninja Outreach also provides customizable templates to make your job easier. All of their plans include unlimited searches which you can try out within a 14-day free trial.


Sending emails to prospects allows for a better presentation of your agenda. Compared to cold calling leads, an email is far less intrusive and it also allows for the person you are contacting to organize their thoughts before sending a reply. We hope you find this list helpful in generating potential contacts for whichever purpose it may serve you.