Top Reasons to Contribute to a Blog

We are living in a society where sharing information is essential for the common growth. As individuals, we can reach our goals; but as a group, we can achieve even higher objectives.

Perhaps, some people think it’s not worthy to share their experiences, but I think there are many convincing reasons to do it. On this article, I will highlight the ones I think are the most relevant.

Make Yourself Know

As of  December 2009, approximately 1.80 billion people worldwide use the Internet, according to studies by Miniwatts Marketing Group. We’re living in the digital age, and it’s necessary to have an online presence. Having a website is vital, but it’s when you contribute to a blog that you are improving your chances with potential clients.

Become an Expert

When you share your knowledge and experience with your peers, you are establishing yourself as an expert in your field. Your colleagues will look up to you and your potential clients will be assured that you know what you are talking about. Even when you think you do not have much to share, keep in mind that you still have something to say. Your knowledge is unique, simply because there is no other person with the same experiences.

Promote Your Industry

Sometimes I find myself in awkward situations. Last week I meet a potential client that told me “Great! We loved your portfolio. So, how much do you charge for a logo? Do you think fifty pounds will be ok?”. These “potential clients” have no idea of the real value of a logo simply because there aren’t enough designers writing about the true value of design. When you write about your area of expertise, you’re also helping to improve your industry image in between potential clients.

Make More Money

This is the reason we are in business, right? In this tough economy, we don’t always have design work. Why not use the extra time to share your knowledge with others and help yourself get noticed by potential clients? Nowadays, clients are getting pretty picky when choosing a creative freelancer. The benefits of contributing to a blog undoubtedly help you get more projects. In addition, by becoming an expert you can even raise your fees, and make more money.


I’m sure there are many other compelling reasons to contribute to a blog. However, I’ve pointed out the ones I believe are the most relevant. What do you think? If you have a good reason to contribute to a blog, please use the box below and leave a comment.