While you might be able to find plenty of options when it comes to free quality stock photo websites, the same cannot be said about free quality videos, yet. With the growing popularity of video marketing, I’m pretty confident these websites will become plentiful in a couple of years from now.

As usual, you should always beware of the licensing of each website, and while most of them distribute their videos under a form of Creative Commons license, you will find that some websites tend to create their own private licensing systems, so be sure to read them all.

Without further ado, here’s the list you’ve been looking for:

Pexels Videos

Pexels Website Screenshot

The great thing about Pexels Videos is that is an online video searcher compiling results from a variety of websites rather than a video library. If you find important to save time, using Pexels Videos will save you a great deal of time as each piece that appears in the result pages are completely free to use.

Pixabay Videos

Pixabay Website Screenshot

Pixabay is a well-established stock website with a vast library of stock photos, but now they also have an area entirely dedicated to free stock videos. The best of Pixabay is that each result page also showcases a selection of similar videos.


Videezy Website Screenshot

Videezy is dedicated to hosting free HD stock footage including videos in 4K resolution. You can make searches on Videezy using their search box or if you are feeling like browsing their catalog, be sure to view the many categories this site offer.

Life of Vids

Life of Vids Website Screenshot

The unique aspect of Life of Vids is that its search results include a feature that searches for videos published on Vimeo that are free to use.


Coverr Website Screenshot

While Coverr does not have an on-site search function it has a wide range of quality videos organized in a variety of categories, so you might end up taking a bit longer to find the video you are looking for, but it might just be worth doing.


Distill Website Screenshot

As much as I feel Distill is one of the best of video stock websites on this list, just because they upload 10 new videos every 10 days, it also does not have an on-site search function, so expect to spend some time browsing their video categories to find that perfect video for your project.


Videvo Website Screenshot

Videvo is one the new video stock video on the block and it has an on-site search function which will bring you a wide range of high-quality stock videos.

Have you used any of these free quality stock videos before reading this article? Do you know of a great video stock website worthy of being mentioned on this list? Share your thoughts using the comment are below.