At nearly 5 years old, Twitter has more than 105 million registered users, it gets 300 thousand new users a day and receives 180 million unique visitors per month. With such impressive numbers, business from all over the world, small and large alike, are looking to answer one question. How to increase their business results using Twitter?

First of all, I strongly recommend to not be so impressed by such numbers. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a frantic user of Twitter and I successfully get business from it, but unless you’re willing to pay for a promoted tweet, a promoted trend or a promoted account, these numbers mean nothing at all.

If you do not have the budget to pay for promoted content, the only number relevant to your business is the size of your follower count. Your audience is the only group of users you have direct access and you can use to help you leverage your message over social media.

So, how to Leverage Your Other Social Media Profiles. Add a link to your Twitter profile on each of your other profiles across the web. Social media websites are visited by millions of people on a daily basis, so interlinking your profiles will increase your visibility across all media.

Identify Yourself Appropriately. Add relevant keywords to your bio including what do you do for a living, where do you work, and what are your hobbies to attract followers with similar interests.

Use a Friendly Photo as Your Twitter Avatar. There’s nothing more appealing to the eyes than the human face, no wonder why people keep finding Jesus on toasts and mirrors. Showing your face makes the interaction much more natural, hence people fell much more compelled to follow another person than a corporation.

Share and Retweet Awesome Content. If you have something really great to say, do it. If you found something of value, retweet to your followers. When people visit your Twitter account and see you are tweeting awesome content, they will see the value in your stream and will be more likely to follow you.

Engage Your Followers in Friendly Conversation. Think about it, you already have a few followers don’t you? So, engage your followers! Start by making questions and then move on developing a conversation. Building relationships will increase your chances of getting recommended to your followers’ followers.